In addition to the quality of its products, MVT esteems that awareness of the environment is very important. MVT makes use of modern water treatment plants, enabling us, even now, to beforehand comply with future Parcom standards.

Moreover, MVT has a most modern exhaust system with gas scrubber units at its disposal, to limit the exhaust to a minimum. The checks of processes and with reference to the environment are carried out in our fully equipped laboratory.

Electroless nickel plating

Electroless nickel plating is a materials processing method which is applied with an accuracy that is very high.


Size doesn't matter

MVT is well-equipped to deal with the most diverse shapes, dimensions and quantities.


          Range of applications:  
Automotive industry
Petroleum and natural gas
Compressors, cranes and pumps
Plastics industry
Aeronautics and astronautics
Engineering industry
Paper industry
Textile industry
Food industry