The main characteristics of electroless nickel plating are the following:

  • a homogeneous structure;
  • very good corrosion resistance;
  • a coating that is uniform - even for the most complex parts;
  • good adhesion to raw materials;
  • composition: 88 % up to 91 % of Ni and 9 % up to 12 % of P;
  • hardness grade: Vickers hardness number of 500 up to 950;
  • melting point: 890°C / 1634°F;
  • ductility up to 2 %;
  • magnetism: layers containing between 9 and 12 % of phosphorus are not magnetic;
  • coefficient of friction unlubricated: electroless nickel - electroless nickel: 0.45;
  • coefficient of friction lubricated: electroless nickel - electroless nickel: 0.25;
  • standards and specifications: DIN 50966, ISO 4527, ASTM B 656 - B733,0 MILC 260 74D, NFA 91-105.

List lastingness of materials - Electroless nickel plating

Electroless nickel plating

Electroless nickel plating is a materials processing method which is applied with an accuracy that is very high.


Size doesn't matter

MVT is well-equipped to deal with the most diverse shapes, dimensions and quantities.


          Range of applications:  
Automotive industry
Petroleum and natural gas
Compressors, cranes and pumps
Plastics industry
Aeronautics and astronautics
Engineering industry
Paper industry
Textile industry
Food industry