We live in a digital world and we couldn’t fall behind! MVT has taken a huge step: After a period with intense development and finetuning, we’ve had a succesful ‘Go-Live’ of our new ERP system.

This all-in-one ERP tracks all our data, which enables MVT to track products from beginning to the end. Moreover it gives a comprehensive overview starting from your RFQ to production and invoicing . Even our ISO9001 is integrated , as well as the quality monitoring. 

The benefits are crystal clear: We gain efficiency, while we can offer our customers better communication, better service and even shorter delivery times.

Part of our new production facility is our completely new series of baths for nickel plating aluminium parts. 
MVT has chosen to invest in a completely separate series of baths and more importantly in an adapted chemistry for both pre-treatment and nickel plating.

We implemented the latest processes for degreasing , pickling and nickel plating to ensure an optimal end result. The demand for Nickel plating of aluminum parts has increased significantly in recent years and the processes have been significantly improved . 

The decision was also made to ensure large parts can be treated. The Dimensions of the baths are L 3000 x D 2400 x W 600 mm.

A next step to futureproof our company and align with market demand.