The fastest nickle plater with the biggest plating baths in Europe.
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Vernikkeling | MVT Materiaalveredelingstechnieken

The Benelux chemical nickel plater.

Reasons to chemically nickel-plate objects include corrosion protection, wear resistance, and aesthetics. Aesthetics involve enhancing the appearance of components using steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, and their alloys.

Chemical nickel plating is possible for piecework, batch work, and particular applications.

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Realisatie vernikkeling | MVT Materiaalveredelingstechnieken

MVT, Materiaal Veredelingstechnieken

MVT (Materiaal Veredelingstechnieken) specialises in material finishing techniques. Since 1988, we have provided chemical or electroless nickel plating and are renowned for providing fast, flexible, and high-quality nickel plating.

MVT takes a highly professional and personalised approach. We distinguish ourselves with a delivery time of 1–5 workdays and are very flexible for rush orders.

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