MVT nv is the reference specialist in electroless nickel plating.

Through years of experience, MVT is able to guarantee Just In Time-deliveries of high-grade end products.

Large dimensions up to 4.5m and 10 tons
Fast quotation and production. Extended opening hours
Your product ready to ship within 5 working days
Nickel process developed in-house
Technical advice


Electroless nickel plating is a materials processing method which is applied with an accuracy that is very high. The main reasons to opt for nickel plating are the following: anticorrosiveness, wear resistance and embellishment of components/parts made from steel, aluminium, copper and alloys of those metals.

Nickel plating is possible for the following purposes:

  • Workpieces;
  • Series of pieces;
  • Specific applications.

Broadly Applicable

MVT is active in many sectors including: petroleum and natural gas, electrical engineering plastics industry, machine building, food industry...

ISO Certified

MVT is ISO9001 certified. It offers guarantees in terms of organizational quality and is proof that a system of continuous improvement has been set up within MVT.

Environmentally conscious

In addition to the quality of its products, MVT esteems that awareness of the environment is very important. MVT makes use of modern water treatment plants, enabling us, even now, to beforehand comply with future Parcom standards.

New construction for MVT

De bouw van een nieuwe bedrijfshal, die medio dit jaar in gebruik wordt genomen, vormt een aanzienlijke uitbreiding van het bedrijf. In het nieuwe gebouw komen de grootste nikkelbaden van de Benelux te staan. Dit betekent naast een verdubbeling van de productiecapaciteit ook een belangrijke verhoging in efficiëntie.
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