Our nickel plating process

Vernikkelproces | MVT Materiaalveredelingstechnieken
Step 1

Incoming inspection and suspension

After thoroughly inspecting the workpieces and the work instructions, we suspend the pieces according to the customer’s requirements. If needed, we partially cover workpieces. Once registered in our system, we start the nickel plating process.
Step 2


Optimum adhesion is critical so we ensure the workpieces are oil and grease free. We guarantee this using our alkaline degreasing baths heated to a temperature of about 70 °C.
Vernikkelproces | MVT Materiaalveredelingstechnieken
Step 3


We thoroughly rinse the workpieces after each process step.
Vernikkelproces | MVT Materiaalveredelingstechnieken
Step 4


We pickle the workpieces to further clean and activate the material. This guarantees optimum adhesion of the nickel layer.
Step 5

Nickel plating

This is where the magic happens! All parts are nickel plated in our in-house developed MVT nickel baths. We continuously monitor the baths and adjust when needed.
Vernikkelproces | MVT MateriaalveredelingstechniekenVernikkelproces | MVT Materiaalveredelingstechnieken
Step 6

Rinsing with demi water

Finally, we rinse all components in heated demineralised water. This guarantees a superb final quality, without stains.
Step 7

(Optional) Oven treatment

Certain applications require additional heat treatment. We can harden workpieces in one of our furnaces upon customer request.
Realisatie vernikkeling semiconductor | MVT Materiaalveredelingstechnieken
Step 8

Final inspection and packaging

The last link in the process. After a final quality inspection, we pack the workpieces according to customer requirements and prepare them for shipment.
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